School backpack

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school backpack FRIENDS by BUSQUETS                                                                   36,0 x  28,0 x  12,0 cm.
school backpack FRIENDS by BUSQUETS 36,0 x 28,0 x 12,0 cm.



school backpack FRIENDS by BUSQUETS
school backpack FRIENDS is decorated with a fabric of organic shapes, leaves and plants in a range of blues and greens dotted with tiny citrus yellow flowers. Touches of transparent glitter highlight the typographic slogan against the sky-blue sky background, and the girls of the unstoppable lemon van, as protagonists in the center. The pink fabric Ukulele applique becomes the symbol of the party, present in all backpacks. Lemon yellow zippers and straps, and the pulls are metallic with a button decorated with a green heart.school backpack FRIENDS has a main pocket for carrying books, notebooks and folders, and a front pocket medium size. It has adjustable straps and padded transport. Trellis padded and top handle for transport. Padded base to support the weight of the contents. This backpack is ready for carriage for bags, with dorsal tunnel more fasteners. Exterior: 100% polyester with waterproof coating. Lining: 100% Polyester.36,0 x 28,0 x 12,0 cm.

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