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sport backpack trolley

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sport backpack trolley MAGIC by BUSQUETS                                                              32,0 x  42,0 x  17,0 cm.

sport backpack trolley MAGIC by BUSQUETS 32,0 x 42,0 x 17,0 cm.

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sport backpack trolley MAGIC by BUSQUETS

sport backpack trolley MAGIC is decorated with two different fabrics, one of light blue with the slogan "Small things become bigger with love", with decorations of animals and flowers, and the other navy blue with a floral print of different colors. There's a detail of a flower that protrudes from the fabric and the straps of the zippers with the same floral print. And is that this design is done with love and small details that make it unique.

sport backpack trolley MAGIC has a main pocket for carrying books, notebooks and folders, and a front pocket small size. This design is similar to the famous Eastpak. It has adjustable straps and padded transport. Trellis padded top handle and transport. Padded base to support the weight of the contents. This backpack is ready for carriage for bags, with dorsal tunnel more fasteners. Exterior: 100% polyester with waterproof coating. Lining: 100% Polyester.


Trolley of the same color of the photo included in the price.

32,0 x 42,0 x 17,0 cm.

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