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New Washi Tape by Candy and Coquette

Do you know what the Washi tape?Decorated tape (removable) used for a lot of things. You can decorate the school supplies: notebooks, ruler, pencils ... also candles (the typical Ikea), cardboard boxes, shoe boxes, bottles and glass jars (the kitchen for example) ... you can create your own cards, and it can even be used to decorate walls! And with this brief int...



Candy and Coquette's back to school is here!

We present you with all the novelties design & Candy Coquette Busquets been released for this back to school! Bags, cases, notebooks, folders, shoulder ... all for school, but also suitable for all ages! The case is a great vanity, the perfect backpack for hiking, as the shoulder bag ...



Busquets Back to School season- Backpacks and school stationary!

We are pleased to advise you that Back to school collections are available at Busquets Shop! A perfect combinations of products for a back to school! As always with discounts up to 40% of retail price. Backpacks and more complements! 5 new Busquets designs and various brands such as Pepe Jeans, Oxford University, Flamenco and Superman.      



Now Gorjuss in Busquets.eu

Do not miss our selection of items Gorjuss on our website.   Remember that you will find our 20% bonus promotion code for our facebook followers in our  Facebook page.   Best regards, info@busquets.eu


Shipping for FREE!
Free shipments

Shipping for FREE!

Freight Promotion € 0! Now the shipping of your order can be FREE! * Take advantage of this promotion: All orders easycards.es busquets.eu or above 60 € amount, the shipping is € 0 We have also improved the shop, with more information on the date of receipt of your products. So, before fully placing the order, you can check in to receive your date home....



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