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Break Out

For those who flee from the obvious and the mass, Breakout, the collection of graffiti artists, athletes, musicians and nonconformists from the big city has been born;
Rebels with an artistic soul or artists with a rebellious soul, welcome.

double backpack BREAK OUT
49,75 €

school backpack BREAK OUT
45,75 €

double backapck trolley BREAK OUT
69,90 €

pencil case double zip BREAK OUT
11,90 €

small pencil case BREAK OUT
9,90 €

triple pencil case BREAK OUT
14,30 €

ringbinder with rubber BREAK OUT
12,50 €

hard cover folder BREAK OUT
7,10 €

ringbinder a4 4 rings BREAK OUT
7,50 €

soft folio cover BREAK OUT
5,90 €

notebook a4 squared pages BREAK OUT
6,50 €

note book a5 squared pags BREAK OUT
4,10 €

stickers (12) BREAK OUT
1,50 €

This collection is made with a printed fabric in blue tones. In the center is a black, white and red rubber patch with the Break Out logo.
Black, white and red rubber zipper pull and black zippers.


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