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The Reverse backpacks are born with the intention of attracting the attention of the urban and non-conformist style. The design is fed by a variety of black patterns and graphic styles on shades of gray and neon strokes, which give rise to an intense and original street camouflage.

school backpack REVERSE by BUSQUETS
37,35 €

double backpack REVERSE by BUSQUETS
49,75 €

wheeled double backpack REVERSE by BUSQUETS
69,90 €

drawstring backpack REVERSE by BUSQUETS
21,80 €

pencil case compartments REVERSE by BUSQUETS
13,90 €

pencil case double zip REVERSE by BUSQUETS
11,90 €

large toiletry bag REVERSE by BUSQUETS
19,90 €

23,90 €

weekend bag REVERSE by BUSQUETS
44,95 €

laptop case REVERSE by BUSQUETS
29,90 €

folder ringbinder 4 rings REVERSE by BUSQUETS
13,30 €

hard cover folio REVERSE by BUSQUETS
7,50 €

ring binder 4 rings REVERSE by BUSQUETS
7,90 €

note book a4 lined REVERSE by BUSQUETS
7,90 €


The Reverse graffiti logo invades with its large size and embossed serigraphic finish on all the textile fronts, while the embossed rubber logo confirms the design. Urban camouflage print and graphic style, in shades of gray and neon touches, medium size. Very large screen-printed logo with relief and rubber touch.


Straps, sides and handles in black, silver zippers and handles finished with technical cord and rubber to improve grip and opening of these. Brand logo stamp in black and white rubber with reliefs.


Predominant colors: Black, gray, fluorine. Silver metallic details and black Stuffed serigraphs with a rubber touch and relief.


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