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The design for this REVERSE campaign is inspired by urban asphalt and the metropolitan night style, combining maximum comfort and performance so that you can carry your things from one point to another in the city thanks to the Rip-stop technical fabric with which it is made . This black fabric incorporates a slightly satin anti-tear technical weave on the matte base that makes it different from the others.

double backpack REVERSE by BUSQUETS
49,75 €

pencil case compartments REVERSE by BUSQUETS
14,30 €

pencil case double zip REVERSE by BUSQUETS
11,90 €

big toilet case REVERSE by BUSQUETS
19,90 €

round sport bag REVERSE by BUSQUETS
47,85 €

laptop case REVERSE by BUSQUETS
34,85 €

folder ringbinder 4 rings REVERSE by BUSQUETS
13,30 €

ring binder 4 rings REVERSE by BUSQUETS
7,90 €

spanish a5 agenda REVERSE by BUSQUETS
9,50 €

catalan a5 agenda REVERSE by BUSQUETS
9,50 €


The fronts repeat the characteristic REVERSE logo silkscreened in textured white on black as a background for the black and white rubber appliqué with the iconic skull that flags the urban style.


Silver and gray zippers, black ribbons and handles with a black rubber finish and black and white technical rope, to facilitate access and opening of textile formats. Side grilles in black.


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