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Route 66

The Route 66 collection inspired by the aesthetics of the classic road movies of American cinema, echoes the spirit of freedom with which its protagonists traveled mythical roads and paths.

School backpack ROUTE 66 by BUSQUETS
39,75 €

wheeled double backpack ROUTE 66 by BUSQUETS
69,90 €

pencil case double zip ROUTE 66 by BUSQUETS
11,90 €

flute case ROUTE 66 by BUSQUETS
11,80 €

big toilet case ROUTE 66 by BUSQUETS
19,90 €

laptop case ROUTE 66 by BUSQUETS
34,85 €

Reusable hygienic masks for 9 to 12 years
10,90 €

cardboard briefcase ROUTE 66 by BUSQUETS
9,90 €

diary locked with pen ROUTE 66 by BUSQUETS
18,90 €

spanish a5 agenda ROUTE 66 by BUSQUETS
9,50 €

catalan a5 agenda ROUTE 66 by BUSQUETS
9,50 €

ball pen blister ROUTE 66 by BUSQUETS
4,90 €


The cyan blue fabric of this design is printed with a pattern of traffic signs such as the classic speed limit, classic odometer or, as expected, the iconic plate of the well-known Route 66.

On the fronts of the textile formats, the serigraphied ROUTE 66 and FEEL THE FREEDOM logo adds a satin and silver touch that stands out on the base fabric; Chromed metal badge of the brand's classic logo with wings, on the top of the large formats.


Black zippers, ribbons and grids; The raised imitation leather handles incorporate the printed logo and facilitate the opening of the zippers.


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