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Dose of exclusive fantasy to dream. The degraded and sweet tones of this backpack frame the beautiful friendship between our protagonist and her Unique horse.

school backpack UNIQUE by BUSQUETS
37,35 €

small backpack UNIQUE by BUSQUETS
25,90 €

drawstring backpack UNIQUE by BUSQUETS
21,80 €

multiple case UNIQUE by BUSQUETS
19,90 €

pencil case double zip UNIQUE by BUSQUETS
11,90 €

journey toulet hand bag UNIQUE by BUSQUETS
19,90 €

fanny pack UNIQUE by BUSQUETS
13,90 €

weekend bag UNIQUE by BUSQUETS
44,95 €

laptop case UNIQUE by BUSQUETS
29,90 €

beach towel UNIQUE by BUSQUETS
29,85 €

folder ringbinder 4 rings UNIQUE by BUSQUETS
13,30 €

ring binder 4 rings UNIQUE by BUSQUETS
7,90 €

cardboard briefcase UNIQUE by BUSQUETS
11,80 €

note book a4 80 gridded UNIQUE by BUSQUETS
7,90 €

desktop writing pad UNIQUE by BUSQUETS
11,80 €

metal waste paper basket UNIQUE by BUSQUETS
14,30 €


Backpacks and school supplies with an illustrative style, fantasy characters in medium or large sizes. Intense colors and glitter details. The main print of white stars on a bright pink background coexists with the different fantasy scenes, which take place on a gradient from yellow to bright pink and are embellished with purple, lilac and turquoise details. A few strokes of clear glitter highlight areas of the drawing and add whimsy to the whole.


The 3D quilted star-shaped key chain charm, in metallic purple, highlights and illuminates all larger textile formats. The overall design stands out for its liveliness thanks to the combination of the print and the color gradients, to which is added the bright orange of the straps, cords and zippers and the intense fuchsia of the mesh sides, in some formats.


Predominant colours: Vivid pink, gradient shades from yellow to pink and contrasting touches of orange, magenta and violet blues. Gloss in textile formats and silver stamping finishes, in paper formats.


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