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Sporty and dynamic style, graphically inspired. The Xsports collection is now dressed in a renewed graphic print of bias stripes. The color fades on a backpack with a sober black background, thus highlighting the vibrant shades that range from intense turquoise to yellow.

school backpack XSPORTS by BUSQUETS
37,35 €

double backpack XSPORTS by BUSQUETS
49,75 €

wheeled double backpack XSPORTS by BUSQUETS
69,90 €

drawstring backpack XSPORTS by BUSQUETS
21,80 €

small pencil case XSPORTS by BUSQUETS
9,90 €

pencil case compartments XSPORTS by BUSQUETS
13,90 €

multiple case XSPORTS by BUSQUETS
19,90 €

pencil case double zip XSPORTS by BUSQUETS
11,90 €

double deck pencil case XSPORTS by BUSQUETS
35,85 €

large toiletry bag XSPORTS by BUSQUETS
19,90 €

23,90 €

weekend bag XSPORTS by BUSQUETS
44,95 €

laptop case XSPORTS by BUSQUETS
29,90 €

organizer folder XSPORTS by BUSQUETS
9,90 €

folder ringbinder 4 rings XSPORTS by BUSQUETS
13,30 €

hard cover folio XSPORTS by BUSQUETS
7,50 €


The eye-catching logo combines bright yellow embroidered typefaces over a metallic holographic print, standing out on backpacks and cases in the collection. Graphic print of diagonal stripes with a gradient from turquoise to warm yellow, on a black background. Medium print and logos.


The print stands out in all formats on intense black both on the front and on the back straps of the backpacks. The zippers are in turquoise blue, the cord pullers are yellow and rubber is gray. The mesh sides and straps are black and the typographic Logo with metallic holographic stamping and embroidered characters in intense yellow. The handles are finished in cord and rubber that facilitate the grip and opening of the zippers.


Predominant colors: Gradients from intense turquoise to yellow on black. Turquoise details, touches of yellow on handles, as well as on endpapers in paper formats.


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