Shipping costs

Shipping costs


At Busquets.eu we use a prestigious urgent shipping service (MRW. SEUR and SEUR INTERNATIONAL), so our main objective is to guarantee a fast and safe delivery. With this urgent service, orders could be delivered up to 19:00 hours of the day after the notification of the shipment (the notification of your delivery will be done via e-mail). The shipping notification procedures when placing the order and the carrier makes the collection, it takes roughly about 2 working days for pensinsular Spain and Portugal. Sometimes, and depending on the location of the village, the delivery could be delayed until 48 hours from the exit of the order Spain (peninsular). For Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, and all the other European Countries where we have service delivery time can oscillate between 4 & 7 days.

Shipping costs vary depending on the delivery address, the weight and the volume, and are calculated by the server once you are doing your order. At Busquets.es you are just paying, as shipping costs, what we are paying to MRW and SEUR, because our core business is not doing money via the shipping costs of our orders. Thanks to our volume of sales, our clients can benefit from the agreement between Busquets.eu and MRW and SEUR, which is translated in lower prices.

Orders from the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla could be detained at customs and it could imply the payment of customs duties. However, the percentage of deliveries controlled by customs is very low. This problem occurs with all the orders going outside the peninsula, but we feel our client must be aware of it.


Busquets is not responsible for the management of shipping companies contracted for this service, we can only make recommendations and monitor delivery schedules. There is no guarantee that the carrier exactly follows the recommendations of delivery, or call prior to delivery. If you wish, we can provide the ID number so you can check your shipping status.

For more info, send us an e-mail to: info@busquets.eu


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